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Different tooling requirements and quality clothing dress
  Published: 2013-05-08   1548 Views   Size:[  Large  Medium  Small]

In today's society, different groups of people, tooling wear out is absolutely not the same. Mainly in the following aspects:
A. Not more using quality fabrics, accessories except for some special industry and work environment, or because of special tooling must wear caused by unification of upper and lower half outside, mostly from tooling equipment are able to face the village auxiliary material quality reflect on the merits until the magnitude difference, examples such as occupational uniforms if we adopt concrete spun woolen fabric, general manager of uniforms will be done with pure wool worsted face smelt, career staff uniforms are usually accompanied by appreciation in simple type, price memo should resin buttons, while the manager on uniforms in the selection of optional accessories accessories cap will be more sophisticated, technological requirements will be higher.
B. styles stretch to believe the higher rate of the lower of the dress styles are even more detrimental to large movements, for example, such as, plant workers memo on activities interspersed with loose jackets, while outside the office management Pathwalker only wear sleeve hole Jinzhai, chest waist smaller amount of loose degrees loose volume.
C. Dress color is more subtle example, the restaurant's general staff to wear red green, while the foreman of clothing colors tend to be more elegant, mostly in favor of cool colors and neutral colors. To reflect a sense of solemnity and credibility.
D. fashion sense can be improved or diminished This is a complex and varied problems, the choice for the fashion elements in different sectors due to occupational characteristics differ. An obvious example: products with a higher rate of elimination fashion group, its parent uniforms implied in the fashion element is usually lower than the staff, such as IT industry or the advertising industry; while intrinsic product quality and stability of institutions, its management is often deliberately dressed in a conservative and outdated uniforms, the purpose is marked with the blood of its long and orthodox origin or display its increasingly strong vocational skills, such as Sarah sales manager or financial controller.

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